Zip Hinge™ FAQs


Will the Zip Hinge™ fit various downspout sizes?

One Zip Hinge™ is actually two separate pieces, each individually screwed into the side and top of the downspout extension. Because of this unique and patents pending design, the Zip Hinge™ can fit a downspout of any size – 2×3″, 3×3″ and 3×4″ – residential or commercial.


Can I buy the Zip Hinge™ in bulk?

Hinges are currently sold 12 hinges to a bag. Check with your local authorized wholesaler for any other quantity options.


Are zip screws provided with the hinges?

Yes, 9 zip screws are provided with the single retail bag, however they are not included with the bulk orders.


What equipment do I need to properly install the Zip Hinge™?

One two-piece Zip Hinge™ per downspout, tin snips, power drill with a 1/4″ hex bit. You can watch our installation video here.


Is there any equipment available to keep the downspout extension locked in an upright position?

Yes, a clasp to hold the downspout extension in the vertical position is included but in most cases not necessary. If desired, install 3/4 of an inch above the raised position of the downspout extension using a zip screw.


Where can I purchase the Zip Hinge™?

We currently only sell the Zip Hinge™ through our network of authorized wholesalers across Canada. To find the retailer nearest you check out our Dealer Locator .